Pat Averill, CPSA
CJ Worlein, CPSA
The colored pencil artists featured here are just a few of the talented members of CPSA District Chapter 201. For more information, please contact the individual artist. All artwork on this website is copyrighted by the individual artists or by CPSA DC 201. Permission for use of any image in this gallery or on this website is required.
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CPSA DC 201 Members Art Gallery
Show Your Work
All DC 201 members are encouraged to have a gallery page on the chapter website, which is one of the benefits of chapter membership. Members interested in having their work included in the gallery should contact Sue Horwath,  the webmaster for more information.
Kay Schmidt, CPSA, CPX

Valerie A. Gogoleski, CPSA
Mary McLaughlin
Dee Wagoner, CPSA, CPX
D L Zanetta
Chuck Durst
Karen Saleen
Ellen White
Sue Horwath, CPSA
Richard Helmick, CPSA, CPX
Jeanne Cardana, CPSA
Teresa Allen, CPSA
Terri Neal, CPSA
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