Pat Averill, CPSA
Colored pencil provides a response to the emotions I feel from my environment. There is a sense of peace in simple things like a bunch of weeds in the winter sun. Light and shadow change each color normally related to the subject, and it offers me a palette of discovery and experimentation. I find myself scribbling in colors I think I see in an attempt to capture the magic. Sometimes the subject is a member of our family, such as our cat. He lies in the sun on his back and loves to dare us to touch his soft belly. He compels me to capture that feeling!

As of 2020, Pat has been juried into 21 CPSA International  Exhibitions.  Pat is a 20-year merit signature member of CPSA and is a past president, a past treasurer and a past publicity chairman of the DC201 Chapter.  Her work is available by appointment at her home in Oregon City.

For information about classes and workshops, contact Pat:

E-mail: pat(at)

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Kindred Spirits  
12 x 16.25
Pat Averill, CPSA
Eagle Creek 
17.75 x 21
Pat Averill, CPSA
Sentimental Grasses
Pat Averill, CPSA
Please Let Me Out  / On Guard
1st Place in 2021 District Show
Pat Averill, CPSA
Water Pillows
7 x 10.5
Pat Averill, CPSA
Calm ZZZs
10 x 15
Pat Averill, CPSA
Into the Mist
Pat Averill, CPSA
Water Music
Pat Averill, CPSA
Natural Realm
Pat Averill, CPSA
I did this one for the step-by-step in To the Point magazine that just came out
Leaf Window
Pat Averill, CPSA
Leaf Me Alone
9 x 11 3/4"
Pat Averill, CPSA

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