Terri Neal, CPSA
Terri Neal has lived throughout the US and finally settled in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She has a keen interest in animals and the natural world and received a biology degree from Hiam College in Ohio and Arizona State University. Having loved to draw and create from an early age, Terri has explored many mediums, pencils, fibers, ceramics and metals. Pencils were her first love and she has begun exploring them again, combining them with watercolor and ink. Her realistic style conveys her love of the subject matter and color. Her quest is to find the soul and whimsy in each of her animal subjects.

Terri has received multiple awards for her paintings from Cannon Beach Arts Assoc. miniature’s show, DC201 Colored Pencil Show in Keizer, Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts and 2018 Best of Show and Mayors choice award from the juried Beaverton Arts Mix. Her drawings have been juried into the 25th and 27th CPSA International Exhibits and also the 2020 Wildlife Artist of the Year at the Mall Galleries in London.

Artist's Statement

I love to draw my subjects realistically. Exploring each animal anatomically and trying to capture their essence with layers of color and value. This process feels meditative as I immerse myself in each subject and try to find their personality and individuality.

To contact Terri or see her latest work:

Website: www.fersartyside.com 
Instagram: fergs_arty_side
Email: ferg2neal(at)gmail.com

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A Dazzle Pool
Terri Neal, CPSA
Mardi Dog
Terri Neal, CPSA
​Great Blue
Terri Neal, CPSA
Terri Neal, CPSA
The Sentinel
Terri Neal, CPSA
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