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Valerie A. Gogoleski, CPSA
"Urban blight" (and rural, too!) is my favorite subject matter. Crumbling cement, rotting wood, rusty pipes, broken windows...YESSSSSS! Such subjects are not only intriguing to draw, but are perfectly suited to show the variety of textures that colored pencil drawing can produce. (An occasional still life or two keeps me "organically grounded!") I've drawn with colored pencils for over 30 years, and today's pencils are rich in color and creamy consistency, almost painterly in quality.

My subject matter reflects an appreciation of history and buildings and objects that have a "story" to tell. I work from my own photographs and those that friends and family send. Whether the image is an old warehouse in Baltimore, an abandoned building in Detroit, a historic homestead in rural Wasco County, Oregon, or the "junk" at Red's Trading Post in The Dalles, Oregon...there is something in each that is completely fascinating to draw. The inanimate and the man-made provide an endless inspiration for subject matter.

My work has been shown and awarded at numerous juried and invitational exhibitions throughout the U.S., and is in several private collections. The prized "Signature Status" was awarded by the Colored Pencil Society of America in 2004. Locally, the largest display of my work is at Gallery 7126 in Portland.

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E-mail: [email protected]

Gallery 7126
7126 SE Milwaukie Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97202
[email protected]

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Retail Dreams
Valerie A. Gogoleski, CPSA
16" x 24" on black Rising Museum Board
Men Wierd
Valerie A. Gogoleski, CPSA
24" x 14" on white Rising Museum Board
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Six Chicks in a Hot Tub
Valerie A. Gogoleski, CPSA
17" x 21" on white Rising Museum Board
Untitled (Individual Works)
Valerie A. Gogoleski, CPSA
Each individual drawing is 6" x 6"
Drawn on black Rising Museum Board