Jeanne Cardana
For as long as I can remember, I always wanted a horse in my backyard and was very fortunate for the opportunity to do so in my adult life. Having them so close allowed me to study and bond with them, learn their behaviors, and of course ride the beautiful trails and countryside near my home. Horses, wildlife, and the love of the natural world have been my inspiration and at the forefront of my artwork. I strive to capture the essence, spirit, and personality of the animals I portray in my pieces and to "tell their stories" visually.

My mediums of choice are graphite and colored pencil—both of which allow me to capture the detail, expression, and richness of color of my subjects. Recently, I have incorporated my passion for horses and wildlife into the children's book realm with my first completed picture counting book, "Stella's Parade." Inspired by my granddaughter's endless imagination, this work marks the beginning of more adventures as I explore with her the world of fairies.  

I've reached a place in my life where I can do what I love most and feel truly blessed that I can produce without constraint.

Jeanne's training as a biological/medical illustrator and attention to detail, strong connection with the natural world, and love of and lifetime experience with horses translate into her work as an artist. Over the years Jeanne has produced and exhibited award winning original Equine and Western Art pieces. "Three's A Crowd" is one such piece that has won various awards and was selected to tour with the prestigious Society of Animal Artists' "Art and the Animal" 1991–1992 Museum exhibition. Along with being a member of the CPSA, Jeanne is also an Associate, Women Artists of the West, and current member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators and Oregon's Three River's Art Guild. Many of her works are now available as limited edition giclee prints and can be seen on her website.


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12 x 10 
Jeanne Cardana
Private Commission ​
Reflective Communication 
12.5 x 14 
Jeanne Cardana
Available at
Western Still Life 
17 x 12
Jeanne Cardana
Private Commission​

Wishful Thinking 
12 x 9
Jeanne Cardana
Chillin' In The Meramec 
8 x 12
Jeanne Cardana

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