About the National Organization

The Colored Pencil Society of America is a nonprofit organization founded in 1990 exclusively dedicated to artists working with colored pencil.

With more than 1600 members in the U.S. and many other countries, the national organization provides an annual International Exhibition and convention with workshops and seminars, product research information, a twice-yearly full-color news magazine To The Point, a networking directory, and district chapters across the United States.

The national organization is supported by a number of Patrons and Sponsors, including major colored pencil manufacturers. 

Recognizing that lightfastness is the single most important quality issue to colored pencil artists today, CPSA has been diligently working in conjunction with the ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials), colored pencil manufacturers, and art conservators towards the development of a standard of lightfastness for colored pencils.

Test results are made available to CPSA members, Patrons, and Sponsors. Learn more about lightfastness testing on the national website.

Order a lightfastness workbook. (Remember, you must be a national CPSA member!)

About DC 201

CPSA DC 201 was the first district chapter formed by the national organization. Both were founded in 1990.

DC 201 primarily serves Oregon and Southern Washington CPSA members, but is open to any colored pencil artist,18 years of age or older, who wishes to join the chapter. Artists interested in joining may attend up to two meetings before they must join in order to attend additional meetings.

Membership in DC 201 requires concurrent membership in National CPSA. National dues are $45 annually and chapter dues are $20...which works out to just $5 a month for both your National and chapter membership! Learn how to join or renew your membership. The membership year begins on 
November 1. Dues are not prorated, although payments made on or after September 1 will apply to the next membership year. If you've never been a member of DC 201 and you join between July 1 and October 31, your chapter membership will extend through the next chapter year upon confirmation that your National membership has been paid. 

DC 201 meets nearly every month, usually on the third SaturdayCheck the dates on the meetings page of this website. Bring your lunch and a beverage. Also, please bring work with you to share. It's one of the best ways for us to get to know each other as artists, and for each of us to be inspired by what others are doing.

In addition to a short update on national and local CPSA activities, you can expect a demonstration, workshop, or other informative program to help you learn more about colored pencil or topics related to producing or marketing your work. 

DC 201 hosts an annual local art show and sale in the Portland metropolitan area for its members.

If you've discovered the versatility and fun of working with colored pencil, we invite you to join DC 201.
DC 201 serves Oregon and Southern Washington CPSA members 
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