I am a retired physician and self-taught artist. As a pathologist, hyper-attention to detail was key to my daily microscopic work, and I often enhanced my pathology reports with hand-drawn illustrations. After retiring and relocating from Miami to Portland, I found the time to pursue my long dormant passion for art, and colored pencils were the perfect medium for the detailed images I sought. 

Photography is integral to my process. While being largely faithful to the camera's eye, I am on a continual search to craft drawn images that add emotional content and artistic value. Common items of everyday life are the raw source material for my work. My method is realism, but realism re-shaped by additions and subtractions, and by modifying color, shade, shadow, reflectivity, and scale.

Email: donnagraham447(at)gmail.com
Website: www.donnagrahamart.com

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Donna Graham, CPSA, CPX
12 x 11  
Juried into CPSA Explore This! 16
Donna Graham, CPSA,CPX
9 x 6 
Juried into CPSA Explore This! 15 Donna Graham, CPSA, CPX
Shifting Gears  
8 x 10
Donna Graham, CPSA, CPX
Train #2  
9 x 7  
Juried into CPSA Explore This! 14
Donna Graham, CPSA, CPX
5 Ton  
9 x 7  
Juried into CPSA Explore This! 13
Donna Graham, CPSA, CPX

9 x 7
Donna Graham CPSA, CPX
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