2 Day Workshop - Water Color for Colored Pencil
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CPSA DC 201-Portland Chapter is seeking mixed media CP artist members to lead 2024 chapter events using mixed media with colored pencil. You can partner up with a buddy; present from the comfort of your art chair via ZOOM; ask members to raid their art supplies for a group share; or ask a child what they did in art class recently and to be your presentation buddy.    Contact Lori if you have some ideas!

Mixed media is our chapter's focus for 2024 to support our 
first Explore This! digital exhibition. Which brings me to...

Deadline for Explore This! 20 is November 15, 2024
Explore This! 20 Prospectus
September 28 & 29, 2024
2 Day Workshop in Watercolor for Colored Pencil 

presented by CPSA chapter member
Patricia Schmidt

Keizer Art Association 
located at the
Keizer Cultural Center​
"Neurographic Art"
from our January Workshop
presented by Karen Saleen
“It was such a FUN workshop!!!! This was such a great change of pace for me."  Sue Horwath

“This was fun! I tried not to think, but just did it.” – Pat Averill

"Thanks, Karen. It was actually just some nice creative play for a little while on Saturday. I’m usually so focused on creating something specific with my art that I never let myself have just purely escape time. So it was a great experience. 
We could almost charge for this! Thanks again! " —Rhonda Dicksion

Patricia has taught watercolor, drawing and colored pencil classes as adjunct faculty for several colleges and at Sitka Center for Art and Ecology on the Oregon Coast.

In this 2 day workshop Patricia will guide you through a series of exercises that teaches you to use watercolor for colored pencil in mixed media art.

The secret to painting backgrounds is controlling water and pigment.

Learn how to mix wet-into-wet watercolor to create beautiful colors once you know how to control the water!

This workshop is ‘in-person’ only.

Click below to pay $160 if you are a DC201 member:


Click below to pay $180 if you are not a DC201 member: