29th Annual DC201Member Show
First Place
Second Place
Merit Awards
Third Place
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Best of Show
 "The Gossip"
Colored Pencil
Terri Neal, CPSA
"On Guard,"
 10.75” x 8.35”
Blacks and Greys colored pencil
​ Pat Averill, CPSA
 "Le Petite Duet"
11.5" x 14.25" 
Colored Pencil
Jeanne Cardana
Fourth Place
"Rainbow Swiss Chard"
 14" x 11"
 100% colored pencil 
Karen Saleen
"Chris in Contemplation"
 20" x 14"
 CJ Worlein, CPSA
27" x 23"
 Colored Pencil on Mylar
Richard Helmick, CPSA, CPX
 6" x 8"
Colored Pencil
  Kate Mayo
  14" x 11"
  DL Zanetta
"Who Dat?"
9.5” X 7.5”
Colored Pencil
​Sue Horwath