Dan Gleason
Oregon is my home state, and here I find the beauty and passion I most love. The behavior and biology of birds have become my special interest, and I find great joy in teaching and sharing my fascination with birds and their world with others.

I was a member of the faculty of the Biology Department at the University of Oregon before retiring in 2004 after 30 years. I worked mostly behind the scenes, providing for and designing student labs for a variety of courses from General Biology and Plant Physiology to Microbiology and Evolution & Development. Each summer I had the great pleasure of teaching Field Ornithology, a senior and graduate level course on avian biology. But I most enjoy teaching anyone with an interest in learning about nature, whether they are experienced or just beginning to learn about birds and their environment.

From 2nd grade on, I have usually had a camera on hand. As an adult, my photography depicts nature and my photos are either taken for my use as an educator, or as an artistic expression of what I saw and felt in nature. It is from behind the camera where I learned about composition, light, and color. Only in the last few years have I come to realize that my hands can also accomplish some of that expression. Colored pencil is the medium I use for that expression (aside from photography) and I view my works as an exercise in learning—about the medium’s capabilities, about how to increase my skills, about how to better observe the world, and about myself. I hope a part of that expression comes through to others.

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