David Billingsley, CPSA

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Cafe' Americano
(18" x 11.5")
David Billingsley, CPSA
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Juried into the 2009 CPSA International Exhibition
David began drawing at an early age. While in kindergarten he discovered what would become a lifelong interest by tracing airplanes on wax paper. It wasn't until high school that colored pencil drawing became his media of choice. Being a typical teenage boy interested in cars, he happened on a book by R. H. Gurr titled Automobile Design. There he found a dramatic way to illustrate using Prismacolor pencils on black paper.

Given the fine detail that is possible with colored pencil and David's inclination to be a detail person, this media provides the perfect meeting place for artistic focus in the photorealistic style. As such, David strives to achieve a characteristic of his drawings where the closer you look the more you see. He continues to explore new ways of defining the detail, to see how far, make that how close, he can push it. The trompe l'oeil genre is very appealing to David because of its challenge, just as it has been for artists for centuries. 

David earned his CPSA Signature Status at the 2010 International Exhibition after being juried into three consecutive shows.

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Website: www.davidbillingsleyfineart.com/

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Just the Two of Us
(14" x 8.5")
David Billingsley, CPSA
Juried into the 2008 CPSA International Exhibition 
Seattle Ambience
(12.5" x 18")
David Billingsley, CPSA
First Place 2009
CPSA DC201 Show

Chevy Pickup
David Billingsley, CPSA
CPSA District Chapters Award for Exceptional Achievement
2010 CPSA International Exhibition