The Colored Pencil Society of America is a nonprofit organization formed in 1990, now with 23 active U.S. chapters dedicated to artists working with colored pencil. District Chapter 201 was the very first district chapter, also formed in 1990 under the national organization. More about our chapter.
DC 201 serves Oregon and Southern Washington CPSA members. 
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At the May 2011 meeting we introduced our proposal for creating local "colored pencil circles" (CPCs) under the Portland DC 201 umbrella for our artists who live more than an hour from the Wilsonville meetings. We'll continue to talk more about CPCs at future meetings. Download the PDF
Proposed: Local "Colored Pencil Circles"
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Welcome to the CPSA District Chapter 201 website
NEXT MEETING:  Saturday, May 21
  From: 10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. 
CPSA 2015 International Exhibition
Topic: Pat Averill
"How to see Landscapes"

ATC: "Transition"
Artist For the Month of May- 
Tammie Painter
To see more works by Tammie, visit her gallery page
Outreach 8"x11"
Pat Averill
Juror: Donna Krueger
25th Annual DC 201 Colored Pencil Exhibition
The following DC 201 members have had their art work accepted into the show:  Congratulations!

Pat Averill,CPSA      Teresa Allen, CPSA
Don Griffith              Julie Fulkerson
​Donna Graham         Denise Zanetta
Earning Five Year Merit Award
       CJ Worlein, CPSA

Earning Signature status
         Kelly Collins
First United Methodist Church
7355 SW Wilsonville Road
Wilsonville, OR 
"Blue Car"
Tammie Painter
8 X 10 Smooth Bristol
 Explore This! 12
Explore This! is the online exhibition CPSA hosts to explore using colored pencil with other media. It also allows three-dimensional structure, bas relief, collage and other applications not eligible for entry in the CPSA International Exhibition.
Important Dates and Deadlines
Explore This! 12 online exhibition
 posted at
February 1, 2016, to January 31, 2017:
The following DC 201 members have had their art work accepted into the show: Congratulations!

Donald Griffith 
Dee Wagonar
CPSA 2016 International Exhibition
Important Dates and Deadlines
May 30 - June 10
June 21 
June 22- 24
June 25 - August 13
August 17 - 30
Arrival Dates for Artwork:
Final Jury/ Award Selection:
Award Winners Notified:
Departure Dates for Artwork:
Juror: Michael W. Monroe
Important Dates and Deadlines

March 31-May 4:
May 4:

DC 201 Annual Show
Pick up art at KAA between 3 and 7 pm
"Patty II" - CJ Worlein,CPSA
"My Happy Place" - Pat Averill, CPSA 
"Curly Hair" - Pat Jackman
"Hope is a Thing with Feathers" - Dee Wagoner CPX
"In the Beginning" Donna Lee
​"Spring Fling" - Carol Morrison
"Greeting the Morning" - Vicky Vickery
"Pink Rose in the Rain" - Denise L. Zanetta
"Golden Gordes" - Don Griffith CPX
Best of Show: 
First Place: 
Second Place: 
Third Place: 
Fourth Place:
Merit Award:
Merit Award:
Merit Award:
Merit Award:

Congratulations to all the award winners:
Beat in Show
"Patty II"
by CJ Worlein CPSA
The following DC 201 members have had their art work accepted into the show: Congratulations!
Pat Averill CPSA
Kelly Collins CPSA
Richard Helmick CPX
Pat Jackman
Kay Schmitt CPSA
CJ Worlein CPSA